Video marketing is one of the most powerful methods you could possibly apply towards your business right now. In February of 2008, there were 10.1 billion views of online video world-wide.  Then in November, YouTube (alone) displayed 5.1 billion views – a whopping 40% of the 12.6 billion views!

It’s one of the fastest growing phenomena we’ve ever seen and you need to get in on it fast!

ComScore reported in March, 2009 that:

  • 76.8 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
  • The average online video viewer watched 356 minutes of video (approximately 6 hours), up 15 percent versus December.
  • 100.9 million viewers watched 6.3 billion videos on (62.6 videos per viewer).
  • 54.1 million viewers watched 473 million videos on (8.7 videos per viewer).
  • The duration of the average online video was 3.5 minutes, up from 3.2 minutes per video in December.
  • The duration of the average online video viewed at Megavideo was 24.9 minutes, higher than any other video property in the top ten.

And oh, video views had reached 14.8 BILLION!

Here’s a study conducted by the Kelsey Group on how effective video marketing is:

A recent June, 2009 article in the Wall Street Journal mentions that online video is now the most dominant performing formats for online marketing.

So what are you waiting for?

Of course, having professional videos can be very expensive.You have to consider the costs of having a professional video studio with professional lighting, the crew, the video editor and more.

If you don’t want to shed a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for professional commercial videos of you and your company, then consider our affordable mini-commercial videos!

Just take a look at some of our past (and returning clients):





NOTICE: This is without using Animoto, because unless you have a business account, which is $249, and you get a business quality video, it is against their TOS! Of course, if you’re a big time client of ours, we buy an Animoto account for you!

However, you don’t need that. We have something even better in mind…

Something even more affordable.

Are you ready to have your very own commercial video that does more than display still images?

Are you ready to have your very own commercial video that truly delivers your message?

Need more examples to be convinced?





Here’s what our clients are saying about their videos:

That’s the best advertisement money I’ve ever spent in my life!

I’ve wanted a video for my business for 2 years. One that summarized my business and all that it has to offer. Budget restrictions did not allow me to invest in one.

Very reluctantly I agreed to my husband’s coercing and signed up for a 30 second video being offered by CaliforniaSEO.

To my surprise the high quality video that was delivered captured the essence of my business in a way that I had never imagined. I was so impressed I’ve now ordered another video for my other business!

Thank you for a wonderful product.

Claudia Krusch

This is the best deal I have ever made in my 20 years for doing business. Simple outstanding and professional service of producing high quality video presentation of advertising. The result is definitely over-deliver my expectation.

I truly recommend this quality service to anyone who wants video presentation to deliver their services or products. This is top notch business quality and service anyone can ever ask for.

You have made my day! Thank you and be blessed!

Ed Han

Totally professional and quick!

If you are like me, when you outsource something like video production, you want a fantastic product, a short turnaround time, and a reasonable price, right? And you usually don’t get one or two of these, do you?

SEO Video Ads does all this, does it well, and goes one step further – they provide awesome support and service, too!

My team goes nowhere else. I highly recommend you go here, too, for your video ad services! Why be disappointed when you can be thrilled?

Rob Dunn

I can’t believe how easy it was to purchase a quality video, designed specifically for my needs, with just an idea and a brief description.

With your affordable prices plus an awesome turn around time – you’ve shown me that I can look forward to saving time and money by outsourcing my video projects to you.

You are Joy!

Janet Caen

Here’s what you get:

  • You have the option of purchasing a Basic video, which does not entail any special effects, or a High Impact video that goes beyond having JUST still images and minor inner-motion video clips. Your video may range between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Most Basic videos are between 30 seconds and 1 minute long. Most High Impact videos are around 1 minute to 2 minutes long. We seldom go over 2 minutes because of the type of videos being produced.
  • After your video is completed, we provide you with the raw video file in .WMV format and even send you the compressed version in .mp4.
  • You can use your videos ANYWHERE – they’re royalty-free! You can promote the videos on your own website or other video distribution/sharing sites.

If you also want your videos to be submitted to the major video sites (approximately 10 sites) for you, it’s only a $25 service fee. Most video marketing submission services are about $99+/month. If you’re not doing a whole lot of video marketing, this is a very cheap way of doing it rather than paying a monthly fee just to promote 2-3 videos.

Here’s how to order:

Click on the button below to order a BASIC 30 second video format ($200 per video):

Click on the button below to order a HIGH Impact, 1 minute video format ($350 per video):

Compare that to our competition that charge $500 and more. There are no limitations on how many videos you want to order. Just know that there are only so many angles of approach we can portray for each business. If your business has many different products, then we can go on for quite a while.